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Always get the best service from Lancer. They are honest and keep cost at a minimum. I would highly recommend using them for all auto maintenance/service.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 8/17/2017

Diagnosed and fixed the problem in a timely way. Back on the road knowing that my car had a good once over, too.

4.5 Lancer Service Auto Care 8/16/2017

This team of car lovers is the best around, bar none. Knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, fast, flexible, and convenient. What more can I say. I am never disappointed.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 8/16/2017

As always, Lancer provided prompt, quality service and clear communication.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 8/2/2017

As always, professional, friendly, competent and thorough. As a new comer to the city and I am so grateful I found Lancer's and feel confident about their work. They will do want you asked for, tell you what will be needed in the near future, what they will keep an eye on for down the road. No surprises then. This time I wanted the car made "trip ready," but they found an issue that would need service in the near future, so I had them take care of that. The fluids were all topped up INCLUDING the window shield washer fluid which I did not expect AND the care was suspiciously clean. If it wasn't actually washed it sure was wiped down nicely. I call that real care care and customer care.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 8/2/2017

As always, the service I receive at Lancer's is fast, friendly, and professional. Their prices may be slightly higher than others. But, you get what you pay for.

4 Lancer Service Auto Care 8/2/2017

It was my first time visiting Lancer for my car needs. I was just in for a basic oil change as well as needing a few estimates on some work I know that needs to be done. They were very kind and great customer service. I also like how they type up estimates for you based off recommendations for repair or maintenance and print them out as you pick up your car from service. They are very detailed with pricing. They do not push those services on you, they recommend for you to look over them and call them back to set up an appointment or to discuss further. I have been going to a dealership for 4+ years and they never give you typed up estimates, they print what needs to get done, then they hound you to get them done right away and then discuss price later. I didn't feel any pressure from Lancer, and I felt they were truly honest in their work.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/31/2017

I always feel going to Lancer's that my car is in good hands and that things will get taken care of to my satisfaction. Kevin and the other guys make sure I can get home if the car will be in the shop for a few hours. I had a very nice driver this week - very personable. Thanks Lancer's. I recommend you to everyone.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/27/2017

Carl and his team were amazing. Carl was able to diagnose our problem quickly and accurately, something 3 other places weren't able to figure out! Very knowledgeable, smart, competent and friendly. Repair was done fast, received a thank you call and card. We would highly recommend Lancer to anyone. We are very pleased with their services. Thank you Lancer!

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/27/2017

Without a doubt and hands down best auto (and customer) care I have had in my 56 years. Go to these folks... you will not regret it!

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/26/2017