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Your friendly, courteous and talented staff worked and worked to get my car fixed, even if it took longer than expected. I’m grateful for your communication with me on the saga as the work progressed. And grateful to again have a quiet car. Thank you all!

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 8/26/2010

Thanks again for another great job on the car!

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 8/2/2010

Every time I’ve brought my car in for service, I’ve been extremely pleased. Carl and Greg are always friendly and I appreciate Greg’s going through what has been done and what to anticipate in the future. Thank you, all.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/31/2010

The whole side airbag episode was a bit frustrating. To me it wasn’t a priority since I noticed that it only came on when there was weight on the seat and no occupant or when a person in that seat wasn’t sitting all the way back against the seatback. Initially, it was presented to me that the light being on could cause the airbags not to deploy at all, thereby causing me concern for my son’s safety. I okayed further investigation based upon that fear. At a later point, following some diagnostic work by Lancer, I was called by the technician to report that he couldn’t find anthing out of the ordinary and asked why I was so concerned with the side airbag light. I said, “It wasn’t me! I got the impression from Lancer that it was something that needed a closer look.” The technician ended up recalabraing the sensor and it wasn’t until after the fact that I was told that upon further research it was found that the light being on indicated that only the side airbag for that seat wouldn’t deploy. Arrrgh! I was fine the light coming on until Lancer kept coming back with questions about the light, what triggered it, etc., and I was told it could be a safety hazard. So the bottom line is, I ended up paying $103.50 that I really didn’t need to spend. Other than that, I am always happy with the service and attention provided by Lancer. This has been the only frustrating moment in the two years I’ve been taking the Honda there for service.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/29/2010

Really appreciated the service and time given to used car check up. All personnel were very polite and professional. However I was told cost would be $90 and was actually $94.50 (shop supplies). Although this is a minor difference, shop supplie should be included up front so as to instill confidence in customer for the accuracy of quotes. You may presume John Q Public knows to expect shop supplies, or will find it a minor difference. Still, I believe it’s best that if you quote $90, it should be $90. Or, just be accurate the first time and convey cost is $90 plus $5 shop supplies i.e. “no surprises”. Regards to quality of work, Lancer’s initial report concluded AC didn’t work – couldn’t get compressor to engage. I was puzzled by this report as just test drove vehicle with seller few days prior and AC worked. When seller picked up car, he too, asserted that AC worked. Greg double checked at that point and it did. When I asked Greg why it didn’t work for tech, Greg offered that maybe it intermittently works but more than likely, his tech just didn’t engage something far enough. My concern is, if a tech didn’t get compressor to engage, wouldn’t he definitely try again? This is a big item …… so wouldn’t he try a second time? I’m left to wonder that if didn’t work second time, maybe it does only work intermittently. On the other hand, if AC does work all the time, then was tech too quick/careless on other checks and conclusions as well? Don’t mean to be picky, but these are two items I feel could have been better. Thank you, I appreciate your desire for feedback. Have a good day!

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/25/2010

I have always had a good experience with the staff at Lancer’s Auto. They are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. All the services I receive on my car past and present have always been thorough. It is a good feeling to know that when I drive my car off their lot, I know that my car is in the best driving condition and that I will be safe.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/23/2010

I’m continuously impressed by the work that team Lancer does. Each staff member communicates clearly, provides sound advice, and seems to genuinely enjoy his/her work. Thanks for the great service you provide.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/20/2010

It’s particularly helpful to get an idea of the areas where future problems may come from.

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/14/2010

Really love the new tires – very smooth ride!

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/8/2010

good service!!

5 Lancer Service Auto Care 7/5/2010
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