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When the check engine light in your car comes on and refuses to go away or continues to blink to your face, it can make you feel worried and unable to focus on driving. That little light might not look like much, but it is your car’s way of telling you it needs some help quickly. Instead of fretting over it, it is time to get smart and make a plan. That’s where our easy-to-follow checklist comes in.

We compiled this list to help you figure out why that check engine light keeps nagging you. Whether you’re new to car care or you’re the go-to person for fixing cars, this guide’s going to show you how to pinpoint the problem and fix it, helping you dodge expensive repairs and keep your car running like a dream. Let’s get into it and clear up the mystery behind that annoying dashboard light.

The Comprehensive Checklist

Check for Obvious Issues

Firstly, take a good look at your car, both inside and outside. Check the outside for any damage like dents, scratches, or any signs of leaks. Pop the hood and look around for any wires that seem out of place or disconnected. Also, sniff around for any weird smells, like burning oil or something sweet like coolant, because these smells could point to trouble. Inside your car. Think about if it’s been acting differently lately, like making odd sounds, idling weirdly, or if you’ve noticed it’s using more gas than usual. These kinds of clues can help you figure out why that check engine light is on.

Inspect the Gas Cap

You might be surprised, but something as simple as your gas cap can cause your CEL to come on. Your gas cap keeps your fuel system sealed and helps control the vapors from your gas tank. If it’s loose or not on right, it can let those vapors leak out. When that happens, your car might think there’s a leak in the system, and bingo, the light comes on.

Scan for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

Getting your hands on an OBD-II scanner can be a game changer. This tool plugs into a special port in your car, usually under the dashboard, and can read special codes called Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from your car’s computer. These codes can tell you exactly what’s wrong, like if there’s an issue with the engine or the emissions system. If you don’t want to buy a scanner, some auto stores will check the codes for you for free. Once you have these codes, you can look them up to get a better idea of what’s going on with your car and what you might need to fix it.

Get Help From A Professional

If you’ve tried everything and that light just won’t quit, or if you’re just not sure about doing the fixes yourself, it might be time to get some professional help. A skilled mechanic has the tools and know-how to dig deeper and find out exactly what’s wrong. They can do a full check-up, figure out why the check engine light came on, and get things fixed up right. Going to a trusted mechanic or dealership means you can relax, knowing your car’s in good hands and will be back to running smoothly in no time.

Talk To The Expert Mechanics At Lancer Service For Accurate CEL Diagnosis

At Lancer Service in St. Paul, MN, we’ve been looking Car Engine Inspection after cars for their owners since 1977. Our team is filled with ASE Certified technicians who can handle any problem your vehicle is experiencing. During our repairs and maintenance, we use the latest and greatest tools and tricks to fix your car without wasting your time or money.

If you see that annoying check light come on and want to know why, our garage is the place to be. Our mechanics are good at figuring out what is wrong thanks to their skills and diagnostic tools. They’ll find out what’s bugging your car and fix it so you can hit the road again without any worries.

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