About Lancer Service


Originally named Lancer Shell, and located at 11th and Jackson, Lancer Service has been providing auto service and repair in downtown Saint Paul for over thirty years. In the late seventies, Lancer expanded to a larger building located at 10th and Jackson. With the move we stopped selling gas, focused entirely on automotive service and changed the name to Lancer Garage. In 1988 Lancer Garage moved again to the existing site of O.K. Service at 8th Street between Sibley and Wacouta. At that time the name was changed to the current name of Lancer Service Auto Care. In early 2000 the City of Saint Paul purchased our property in order to make way for development of the Lawson Commons Park. This required Lancer Service Auto Care to relocate one last time, one block over, to our current location of 270 East 8th. During our move we completely renovated the existing building into one of the finest automotive repair facilities in Saint Paul. (Renovation Photos)

Company Philosophy 

At Lancer Service our philosophy is to do only what is needed. This includes paying attention to minor details in order to avoid future problems and reduce the overall costs of repair and maintenance. In addition to offering professional automotive service, we are here to educate the motoring consumer as to the needs of their vehicles. We provide you with information on your repair orders suggesting needed services and maintenance items. These are based on a professional evaluation of your vehicle and the manufactures recommendations. We are always willing to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about needed maintenance and recommend an approach best suited to your particular situation. We have combined over thirty years of experience with factory level information and training to derive the most efficient approach to maintaining your vehicle. Additionally our "every car every customer's philosophy assures you will receive unparalleled care with every visit to Lancer Service. Our holistic approach to auto care sets us apart and we are confident we can exceed your expectations.

Our Customers (TESTIMONIALS)

Our customers are the reason for our success. We have the good fortune of having a base of courteous, knowledgeable and informed customers. We have always stressed the importance of knowing your vehicle reading the owner's manual, listening and feeling for irregularities and then dealing with issues before they become problems. We are rewarded with customers who appreciate our devotion and knowledge in a rapidly changing industry. Having the courtesy to plan ahead and schedule routine maintenance repairs helps our organization immeasurably. Be assured, if you are a regular customer of Lancer Service and an unforeseen problem occurs, we will be there for you. We are grateful for your patronage and will always do our best to maintain the highest level of service available. THANK YOU!


It was evident when Carl Thomas borrowed the family rotor-tiller engine to soup up his go cart at age nine he had defined his direction and life desires. From that point forward no internal combustion engine was safe in its stock form and anything mechanical could perform better with his magic touch. College found him to be the pride of the instructors and aiding students needing additional guidance in solving problems. Ultimately Carl's knowledge led him to become one of the country's youngest ASE Certified Master Technicians and a regional finalist in the National Technician of the Millennium contest in 2006. His desire to follow dad's footsteps and direct the future of Lancer Service into the future was cast in stone. Carl's desire to please everyone who walks through the doors at Lancer drives him to be the very best. Carl's honesty and hard work ethic are the foundation of providing the best value to customers and a great leader to a well rounded, knowledgeable staff that supports his desires.