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For the past year, we’ve gone through a transition in how we use and care for our vehicles. Gone are the days when your car’s wear and tear is strictly because of the many hours spent on the road listening to your recent picks of self-help audio books, jamming out to your favorite tunes or catching up on the news; which let’s be honest, has felt a bit more like a reality television show for far too long.

Now, it’s the lack of driving your car that you need to be thinking about. Those moments when you glance up at your oil change sticker seeing it’s a few hundred (or even a few thousand) miles under the mileage listed, but you know darn well it’s been over 6 months since you’ve visited Lancer Service. Or, in those moments you find yourself hearing the grind of what you think might be your brakes, but you think – “Ah, that can wait until next month. It’s not that bad.”

We want you to know that #CovidCar is here. It’s a real thing. And you’re not alone. So let’s talk about how Lancer Service can help you care for your #CovidCar to kick this CARDEMIC to the curb.

  • Oil Changes. They’re a big deal! Although you may not be hitting the mile marker, short trips and subzero weather is harder on oil than long drives. The time you go between oil changes is just as important as the miles driven. We recommend going a maximum of 6-8 months before bringing your car in for service and highly encourage proactively setting up scheduled maintenance for your vehicle.
  • Inspections are important! Because service intervals have gotten longer, the unsung hero of your oil service is the inspection. Many cars are going 6 months between services which makes checking tires, brakes, batteries, fluid leaks, etc., extremely critical. Did you know, at Lancer we have a detailed inspection that can uncover the immediate, moderate and extended fixes that are needed to keep your car running better for less?
  • Car Care Planning, it’s real, it works and it saves you $$$. Allow us the opportunity to perform oil services/proper inspections and we can build a custom plan that puts money back in your pocket. Things rarely fail without warning, from brake repairs and fluid leaks to routine maintenance. As a Lancer customer, we proactively check your history every time and keep you a few steps ahead so you can budget for upcoming repairs and set future appointments that work within your schedule.
  • Argh, but we just had to replace the furnace…don’t let your car put financial pressure on you! We understand this is a difficult time financially. With proper car care planning we can wait on repairs that are non essential and focus on only what is needed. If an unforeseen larger repair comes up we do have quality financing and payment options.

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