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Certain fluids in automobiles play a crucial role in their ability to run smoothly and performance better. The engine oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. If this begins to leak, your Volkswagen won’t be functioning at its best and it might cause permanent damage. Below, we discuss engine leak causes and repairs for the problem!

Causes of Engine Oil Leaks

Clogged Oil Filter

The engine oil is responsible for lubricating the engine’s moving parts — reducing the friction among these parts and preventing the engine from overheating. In this process, the oil accumulates dirt and debris that are bad for the engine itself. Therefore, oil filters are responsible for preventing these particles from entering with the oil. Over time, a clogged oil filter can deteriorate and cause leaks.

Failed Gasket

Many gaskets (i.e. valve and timing cover gaskets, cylinder head gasket, and oil pan gasket) present in your Volkswagen act as barriers between different parts. They help prevent different fluids from mixing and ensure smooth engine functioning. However, a failed gasket is often the source of an engine oil leak. Watch out for singular or multiple malfunctioning gaskets.

Faulty Seal

Within your car, there are certain seals that are susceptible to leaks. Among them, the crankshaft and camshaft seals are intricate parts of the engine located at both ends. Due to continuous usage, the seals often wear out, crack, and get damaged over time. When this happens, engine oil leaks.

Wobbly Drain Plug

The drain plug can also be the source of engine leaks. It’s most evident if you have a wobbly drain plug. If it’s loose, the oil will spill out. This typically happens during oil changes if it’s not fully tightened or from wear and tear.

How-To Fix Engine Oil Leaks

The factors causing engine oil leaks in your Volkswagen are very complex in nature. Therefore, detecting their source isn’t always easy. Which is why we advise seeking out certified mechanics who can diagnose the source of engine oil leaks with the help of our high quality equipment and expertise. Before major problems arise, schedule routine servicing like oil changes to maintain your Volkswagen for decades!

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Dealing with engine oil leaks can be tricky without Volkswagen Oil Filter Replacement a firm grasp of an engine’s parts and functions. Our team of professionals here at Lancer Service have years of experience fixing Volkswagen cars. Aside from leaks repairs, we also provides a host of other services: from brake repair to oil change service and transmission repair. We serve communities located in St. Paul, MN. Call or book an appointment online for all your car care needs!

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