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Owning a vehicle can be quite the financial commitment, even without the potential for unexpected repairs. The operating life itself is only built to last 100k miles and with the ongoing disruption of the global supply chain, we are still seeing unprecedented surges in prices for both the new and used car industry.
How can you increase the longevity of your vehicle without taking a huge hit to your budget? The short answer: regular maintenance. 
Without a doubt, the most expensive repair is having to replace an engine, sometimes repairs can exceed $10,000. The good news, you can usually avoid this repair indefinitely by making sure you keep up-to-date on essential engine maintenance.
This is why, every-other-Monday we’ll discuss the most common and effective ways to maintain your vehicle to keep it running smoothly well past 100k miles.
The first and most important component of keeping your engine running optimally is performing regular oil changes.
Engine oil acts as the blood of the vehicle to maintain lubrication, temperature, as well as removing particles, dust, and sludge. Buildup from dirty oil makes your engine work harder, wearing out internal components faster. An engine that works too hard will end up with a shorter life span, and a lower value if you plan to sell or trade in your vehicle.
An oil service then is like a physical for your vehicle. It’s an opportunity to evaluate any current and future health concerns to prevent and plan for any long-term issues.
Below are some do’s and don’ts regarding your oil change.

DO opt for full-synthetic oil.

Whilevisually there is no difference between conventional, full-synthetic, or blended oil;  conventional oil is distilled directly from crude oil which contains impurities and molecules of uneven size and shape. Synthetics are made artificially and are incredibly uniform at a molecular level. This allows for synthetic oil to withstand thermal breakdown and hold up across a wider range of temperatures as well as increase the distance between maintenance intervals.
DON’T ignore maintenance intervals.

Should you change your oil every 3 months? Every 3k miles? Every 10k miles? That’s up for debate depending on who you speak to.
First, check your vehicle’s manual.

​Second, what is the age of your vehicle? As the vehicle ages, more frequent changes may be in order.
Third, oil matters! As we mentioned above, synthetic oil allows for greater distance between changes. At Lancer Service we only use full-synthetic oil and therefore recommend regular maintenance every 5,000 miles.

What happens when you wait too long between services? Unfortunately, neglecting to change your oil at the appropriate time will not cause noticeable damage right away. However, the longer you wait, more damage will likely occur resulting in big-ticket repairs.
DON’T neglect changing your filter.

Sure, skipping a filter change may save you a couple bucks however high quality filters also help catch debris keeping your oil cleaner and lasting longer. There are different filters for each make and model. Using the wrong filter can allow for faster breakdown.
DO schedule your routine oil changes with Lancer Service!
The Lancer Difference: we understand that within a 5-mile radius there are likely many repair shops that you could take your business to. Our philosophy is simple, work with you to develop a Car-Care Plan that works with you and your budget. This includes paying attention to minor details in order to avoid future problems and reduce the overall costs of repairs and maintenance.
This is why with every oil change our technicians perform a 42-point comprehensive inspectionin which we will establish an operating timeline for long-term maintenance compatible with your needs. You’ll walk away with a detailed digital inspection which outlines what requires immediate attention and what could be held off until your next oil service.

If you’re over or approaching the recommended mileage, DON’T hesitate any longer. Call Lancer Service at (651) 964-1968 or click here to schedule your appointment today!

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