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We at Lancer Service understand that vehicle repair and maintenance can sometimes be daunting.  And if keeping your vehicle in tip top shape has made your New Year’s resolution list — don’t fret, we’re here to help!

Here’s a few tips to help as you prepare for the year

  • Tip #1: Keep up on your scheduled oil service and maintenance intervals. We recommend scheduling your oil service at either 5,000 miles or 6 month intervals. During each oil service, we’ll perform a 42 point inspection that allows us to outline any additional maintenance or services your vehicle is due for.
  • Tip #2: If something doesn’t seem right with your vehicle, it probably isn’t. Vehicles talk to us in many ways — either with the sounds they make, the lights that illuminate on the dash and/or in their And although there are a lot of smart cars on the road, unfortunately they still haven’t figured out a way to fix themselves. Until that day comes, give us a call to talk through any issues you may be having and we’ll let you know if it’s worthy of a Lancer Service visit.
  • Tip #3: It pays to form a relationship with your auto repair shop. As the self-proclaimed primary care physician to your vehicle, finding a shop that you trust is not much different than finding a primary doctor or dentist. At Lancer, we keep a history on every vehicle we service — this allows us to provide the absolute best guidance on what is needed for your vehicle to ensure longevity and that we’re meeting your budgetary needs.

Fun Fact: Next to buying a home, transportation is one of the top three major expenses households endure.

Did you know? We provide digital vehicle inspections so Car Oil Change Service you can see (through pictures and videos) the current state of your vehicle. At each visit, we’ll provide you with an inspection that will show you (in real time) why we’re making recommendations for repairs and maintenance needs.

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